Founder and longtime partner IN ONE MEDIA looks back on 15 years KURZSUECHTIG Short Film Festival. Last Sunday this year's festival ended with the screening of all prizewinners at the best of KURZSUECHTIG 2018. We are delighted to hear from the numerous film enthusiasts and festival participants who visited the Kunstkraftwerk during the last week.

Everything was a little different this year. We always try to offer innovations and to make ourselves grow. That's why there was a bit more of everything this year: More program, more movies, more prizes. We extended our framework programme with a VR/360Grad special in the LEAVR Studios, where for the first time the Local (VR) hero was chosen. There was an exciting workshop talk about "big pictures vs. small money", a colourful children's short film programme and a lecture on the topic "The cinematic reflection of social commitment against corruption". With nine Italian short films and the ensuing discussions, the guests were able to gain a profound insight into the subject of dual citizenship and corruption. In addition, this year the mid-German camera prize for the best cinematographic work was awarded by a jury for the first time.
On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, the KURZSUECHTIG Festival was held this year also in a new cultural hotspot of Leipzig, the Kunstkraftwerk. The industrial charm offered the appropriate setting for our varied and artful program. Every year we are excited about the multi-faceted film submissions and the great interest of the central German public. We are already looking forward to next year, because after the festival is before the festival! You can find all the news on the KURZSUECHTIG-Homepage, under our News Section or at Facebook. A few pictures can be found at the top of the gallery or from the 360Grad perspective under the following links:

Here is an overview of our prizewinners 2018:

"Megatrick" (2017), Director: Anne Isensee – Jury Award
"Zu Zahm" (2017), Director: Rebecca Bloecher – Audience Award and Honorable Mention
"Memories Happiness Day" (2017), Director: Duc Ngo Ngoc – Jury Award
"Mich vermisst keiner!" (2016), Director: Erik Lemke – Audience Award
"Oh Brother Octopus" (2017), Director: Florian Kunert – Honorable Mention
"Nach dem Fest" (2017), Director: Hannes Schilling – Jury Award
"Abgetaucht" (2017), Director: Moritz Boll – Audience Award
"Zmij – The Dragon" (2016), Director: Angela Schuster – Nachwuchspreis Sächsischer Filmverband
"Zwischen uns steht ein Salat" (2017), Director: Alice von Gwinner, Camera: Conrad Lobst – Middle German Camera Prize
"Follower" (2018), Director: Jonathan Behr, Simon Schulz, Bo-Christian Riedel-Petzold – Honorable Mention
"Snow White" (2017), Director: Thadeusz Tischbein – Jury and Audience Award
"Apollo 11 1/2" (2017), Director: Olaf Held – Honorable Mention