Time has come again, Leipzig's short film Festival KURZSUECHTIG takes place repeatedly from the 6-9th April 2016 in the Schaubühne Lindenfels.

Short film is consistent, because it has little time. His art lies in the decision, the focus and the definition. Short film is a playground, a medium of cinematic border patrols and self-exploration. He is courageous, visionary, unconventional, sensual and stubborn. In short: we love shorts! In Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia there is no film school, but a vivid short-movie scene. There are many ways to film. We want to get the short film on the big screen. As an association, we have made it our mission to provide a forum for the films of Middle German filmmakers and to promote the exchange between filmmakers of different colours. From the 06. – 09.04.2016, the Leipziger stage again opens its historic wing doors for KURZSUECHTIG. On four evenings we show current films from our program areas animation, documentation, fiction and new in 2016 experimental. The competition for film music and sound design is also integrated into the festival. Here we call sound artists from central Germany to find new possibilities in the synthesis of sound and moving images in the film setting.

We look forward to four extraordinary evenings and invite you – filmmakers and film enthusiasts – to discuss, network and celebrate!

Further information and insights regarding the KURZSUECHTIG Film Festival can be found at the official Festival homepage. All news about the festival will of course also be published here at News Section on our homepage and via the SHORT Facebook Channel.


The winners of the KURZSUECHTIG Film Festival 2016 are determined:

Young Talents Award of the Sächsischer Filmverband: "Rue des Fleurs" by Annegret Ehrhardt and Till Giermann

Jury Award Animation: "Leerstelle" by Urte Zintler

Audience Award Animation: "Die Weite Suchen" by Falk Schuster

Jury Award Documentary: "Boy" by Yalda Afsah and Ginan Seidl

Audience Award Documentary: "Wasserläufer" by Beston Zirian Ismael

Jury Award Fiction: "La Cigale et la Fourmi" by Julia Ritschel

Audience Award Fiction: "Für Dich Bei Mir" by Clemens Beier

Audience Award Experimental: "Postkolonialismus auf 30 qm" by Clara Winter


Congratulations! We are looking forward to our next KURZSUECHTIG Film Festival in 2017!