Our feature film production by director Marco Gadge will be shown in the First aired and is subsequently available in the ARD Media Library .

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Absolutely switch on: on May 14 at 23:50 running Julia must die at First and is then also available for 90 days in the ARD Media Library available.

Furthermore, the film is available on DVD and at Amazon Prime as well as in their Apple TV to stream.


What a crazy plan? Put sleeping pills into her father's morning tea and secretly take the acting exam. And all because Lya thinks that eight years of caring for her father is enough of a tribute to her Iraqi family. But of course the plan falls apart, because who would want a hijab in such a cultural temple?


Sabrina Amali, Nellie Thalbach, Michel Diercks, Stephan Großmann, Thilo Prothmann, Katharina Schlothauer, Mohammed-Ali Behboudi, Uwe Dag Berlin, Matthias Brenner, and many more.


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