The radio feature "The Tailor of Presidents" will be broadcast today, 28 February, at 10 pm on MDR Kultur sent. For more than a year we have been working on a documentary about Martin Greenfield, a Holocaust survivor who has been living in Brooklyn, New York for many years and is known there as a renowned men's tailor.

For once we are also running on the radio! Because the sound recordings of our production have already been processed by our author Peter-Hugo Scholz for a radio report on MDR Kultur, so you can get a first impression of the moving story of Martin Greenfield. Martin Greenfield, birth name Maxmilian Gr├╝nfeld, comes from Czechoslovakia and was a prisoner in Auschwitz as a child during National Socialism. There he lost his parents and close relatives, but not his courage and will to live. He survived the Holocaust and travelled to America, where he became one of the best tailors in the world. He specialised in men's suits and made them tailor-made for international politicians and stars. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first American president he dressed after meeting him as a US general in the liberated concentration camp at Buchenwald in April 1945. Greenfield lives and works in Brooklyn, where we visited him and he told us his life story. But we don't want to reveal more for now. To learn more about the tailor of presidents, tune in to MDR Kultur tonight! Meanwhile, we continue to work on a visual version. It is not yet clear when and where this will be shown. We will, of course, publish further news and broadcast information on the documentary about Martin Greenfield via our News Section or at Facebook.


"The Tailor of the Presidents"

Wednesday, 28.02.2018

22:00 pm on MDR Kultur