We are on the trail of the secrets of birds: why they sing, where they fly, how they sleep and much more. What can we learn from them and why should we all spend much more time with them?

Our latest MDR production can be seen in the ARD media library: the web series "The Secret of the Birds". The series was created in collaboration with author Kerstin Mauersberger. Together with the amateur ornithologist and birdwatcher Silke Hartmann, we accompany bird enthusiasts who tell us about their fascination for bird songs as well as birdwatching and casually captivate us along the way! In addition, researchers and experts will show us how birds repeatedly adapt to adverse living conditions and what we humans can learn from them.

The series consists of the three episodes: "Hearing and seeing", "Research and Understanding and "Coming and going"which can be accessed via the ARD media library. In addition, a 43-minute summary of the Documentary for MDR produced.

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